Feast Your Eyes on the Tasty Food of Kazakhstan

Any experienced traveler will tell you that food is powerful beyond just nourishment. Food has the ability to build bridges between people. People bond over food and drink. A prepared meal can give insight into a culture, and can be a time machine to travel back in a culture’s history. There are few better ways to learn about a culture than to sit at a table and eat! This is especially true in Kazakhstan- a country known for its hospitality.

Traditionally, Kazakhs invite new friends to their darstakan (low table) for a feast (today, a normal-sized table is more common). Kazakhs are a Turkic people and share much of the same cuisine with the other ethnic Turkic communities throughout Central Asia. But Kazakhs have their own variations of these delicious dishes.

We searched through Instagram and found some awesome photos of these favorite Kazakh foods.

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Ас дәмді болсын! (Bon Appétit!)

Baursak: Baursak is a popular food in Kazakhstan, and for good reason. This tasty food item is made with fried dough and is a favorite among those who live in Central Asia. Baursak may be served as a savory appetizer, or as a dessert, and is often accompanied with tea. Let’s face it; who doesn’t love fried dough?! Think of it as a kin to beloved doughnuts.

Beshbarmak: Beshbarmak is often considered the national dish of Kazakhstan, and is also known as “five fingers” due to the way it is eaten. It is made with boiled meat (traditionally horse, but lamb can be used, too) as well as large noodles, topped with an onion gravy. This dish is extremely popular in all of Kazakhstan.

Lagman: Lagman is a dish often likened to Chinese Lo-Mein. The dish is made with homemade noodles, tomatoes, pepper, small cuts of meat, and a thick spicy sauce. It is said that there is no one way to make lagman and that all recipes differ.

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Manti: Who doesn’t love dumplings?  Manti is large steamed dumplings that are filled with meat, usually lamb. Manti is often served up with a side of sour cream and are popular among the Kazakh people. Manti is prepared a bit differently in various regions of  Central Asia. In Kazakhstan the manti is large in both size and flavor!

Plov: It seems as if every culture has their own staple rice dish, and Kazakhstan is no different. Plov is a popular rice dish that is often served at large gatherings such as parties or family gatherings. While there are different ways to put this dish together, most plov recipes include rice, lamb or beef, carrots, and onions.

Samsa: Pastries filled with meat? Sign me up! Samsas are mouthwatering pastries that are usually filled with minced meat, onion, and Central Asian spices. Yum!

Shashlik: A wise man once said that food on a stick is the best kind of food. Okay, maybe no one ever said that, but they should have, especially if they’ve ever had Kazakh shashlik. Shashlik is skewered cubes of meat char-grilled over a fire.

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